3. Release Notes

3.1. NWB:N - v2.1.0

Added documentation for new NWB key ‘object_id’ (see also format release notes for NWB 2.1.0: https://nwb-schema.readthedocs.io/en/latest/format_release_notes.html#september-2019).

3.2. NWB:N - v2.0.1

Added missing documentation on how format specification are cached in HDF5.

3.3. NWB:N - v2.0.0

Created separate reStructuredText documentation (i.e., this document) discuss and govern storage-related concerns. In particular this documents describes how primitives and keys described via the specification language are mapped to storage, in particular HDF5.

3.4. NWB:N - v1.0.x and earlier

For version 1.0.x and earlier, there was no official separate document governing NWB:N storage concerns as HDF5 was the only supported storage backend with implicit mapping between HDF5 types and NWB:N language primitives.